30 Breakfast Nook and Morning Kitchen Ideas for Cozier Mornings

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A cozy breakfast nook can help even the most reluctant early riser ease into the day. Even if breakfast isn’t your meal of choice, this cozy area is great for enjoying a solo cup of coffee or casual dining with the whole family. To make the most of your kitchen nook, consider adding a banquette, which is ideal for families and children. Then choose bright upholstery or dynamic art to help separate the space from the rest of the room, creating the illusion of a designated area for a leisurely brunch or dinner. If you don’t have a built-in nook, you can still use a corner to create an intimate dining spot. Here, we’ve gathered breakfast nooks from the that we’d happily head to any time of the day.

A cozy breakfast nook can make is that much easier to get out of bed in the morning. Get inspired with these ideas and designs for your dining space

By Leslie Anne Wiggins and Lindsey MatherJanuary 2, 2017