Solid Surface Makes Creative Visions Real

Solid Surface can be whatever you imagine it can be. Undulating, virtually seamless, organic shapes, bold effects of colour and translucency – if you can dream it, We can create it

Design without compromise.

We create beautiful, high quality acrylic solid surfaces for a variety of applications using these premium materials

We deliver the highest standards of quality and are a Dupont Corian® Quality Network Partner and a HI-MACS® Quality Club Member. We’re experts in acrylic solid surface – get in touch and discover the benefits of acrylic solid surface!


Royal Quarter CafeWhy choose acrylic solid surface for commercial applications?

Acrylic solid surfaces are ideal solution for a whole host of commercial uses, from reception desks, bars, and shop fitting, to washrooms, healthcare environments and museums. Sectors as diverse as education, transportation and retail look to acrylic solid surface for the solution to their design requirements.

Acrylic solid surfaces provide imaginative, innovative and practical solutions and have the following benefits:

  • Design flexibility – if your design or architect can envisage it, it can be built
  • Hygienic – easy to clean with homogenous, seamless joints so nowhere for germs and dirt to harbour
  • Non porous – stain, mould and mildew resistant
  • Easy to clean – wipe clean surfaces reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Endless design possibilities – any shape is possible
  • Colour stability – richly pigmented colours with impressive resistance to UV deterioration
  • Durability – resistent to impact and high traffic
  • Can combine with other materials such as wood, metal or glass
  • Able to engrave and image transfer
  • Able to thermoform into organic shapes and curves
  • Weatherproof  – able to use outdoors and resistant to rain, wind, sun, salt and frost
Thermoforming – the process of heating and bending solid surface and acrylic materials – is the cutting edge of solid surface fabrication.  Thermoforming is also used to bend contours in PVC or Vinyl materials.  Don’t limit your imagination or capabilities to flat surfaces.  With thermoforming, you can bend sheets to cover a column, fit a wet wall, make a unique table base or decorative edging.  Whatever you can imagine – you can do!
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Multi-Dimensional Wall Systems

Unlike other materials such as tile or print, SYCK Millworks Solid Surface wall Systems is unique because of the properties of Solid Surfaces that make it unlike any other, seams can be virtually eliminated from your design creating one uninterrupted design. Each panel is carved and labeled, then delivered and assembled on-site without any visible seams. Bonded together with matching adhesive, the walls are impervious to mold, virus, and bacteria. They are completely water-proof and offer a finished solution in one step. No painting, No sanding. No grout. Simply bond the pieces together and attach to drywall with silicone.

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