Stylish Wood in Modern Interior Design, Trends in Architectural Designs

wood modern interiors 6

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Wooden walls look expensive and beautiful. Modern interior design trends use reclaimed wood and contemporary wood products to create gorgeous walls in architectural interiors. The latest designs bring all kinds of wood into homes, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Contemporary wood in muted colors of gray, green, and brown shades and traditional golden walls are perfect ideas for remodeling homes and building new houses. Wood is a beautiful natural material, versatile, suitable for all interior design projects, attractive, and timelessly stylish. Logs and planks, spectacular timber elements, rustic and reclaimed wood walls look bold, bright, and creative.

Wood in modern interiors

Creative wall design, modern wood colors

Here are a few interior design ideas demonstrating the natural beauty of wood and showing the creative side of architectural interiors built with different woods. All these modern homes feel comfortable and peaceful. Wooden walls create a sense of coziness and safety.

Wooden details of architectural designs are timelessly-elegant and attractive trends. Logs homes and accents walls made with reclaimed wood, rustic wood, and contemporary wood designs are fabulous examples of modern architecture and interior decorating in eco style.

Beautiful wood textures adding interest to modern interior design

Wood adds unique textures, beautiful colors, and blends warmth into interiors. Wooden walls, floors, ceiling designs work with glass, metal, concrete, and stone naturally. Creative wood staircase designs become stunning centerpieces giving character to the modern interiors.

Textured wood surface, room divider
Rustic wood, modern living room design
Wood and concrete, contemporary interior design
Black floor, white kitchen cabinets, wood cabinets, contemporary design
Accent wall design, reclaimed wood
Log house design, painted white logs, wood furniture
Spectacular wooden staircase design