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Our kitchens are at the forefront of existing technology in the industry while giving maximum thought to quality, maximum utilization of space, design and visibility.

Expertise and Innovation Of Kitchens to Inspire You

Our employees are professional men and women who will guide you from the advisory phase to installing your kitchen. and our many years of experience were actually acquired with the help of Master artisans,  which our foundations and secrets were built.

Custom Built Kitchens with Modern Style

Kitchen and home design is continually seeking the newest ideas, concepts and products. Using multiple mediums and disciplines in design and fabrication, SYCK Millworks indoor kitchens are truly, one of a kind. Our multi-disciplined take on the process yields iconic and very identifiable custom kitchens that utilize eccentric and distinctive textures. The menu is set for design exploration; all you have to do is start. Let one of our dedicated and seasoned kitchen designers pave the way for decades of love, beauty and luxury.

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