Luxury Staircases for New Construction and Remodeling

Your home makes a statement about who you are -- let a custom staircase from SYCK MillWORKS do the talking.

Come home to a design that you love. If you have a vision for the stairway in your home, we’re here to help you make it a reality. Whether you like custom design or simply want an updated, quality staircase, SYCK Millworks is committed to providing you with a squeak-free design that suits your style.

Whether your taste is for traditional wood or more unique materials, we have perfected staircases made from any species of wood along with metal, glass, ceramic, acrylic, and more. We’d love to hear from you and build a stairway that perfectly meets your needs and stylistic goals.


The process begins with the most important step. The planning process. We consult with you to discover your unique design tastes and either develop a stairway around your interior and designer’s specifications or our consultants can design a stairway that will create whatever look you desire. SYCK Millworks personnel will visit your job site and take field measurements to ensure a working layout that meets code requirements and also fits your design criteria. Often we begin the planning process with nothing more than a few photographs.

Step 1


  • All projects are drawn up with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.
  • Design is revised according to your direction until a final plan has been created.
  • Step 2


    • Stringers are bent on movable racks that are reset for each project.
    • Components proceed to assembly department
    • An expert Stair-builder assembles the stairway, implementing proven, seldom used, traditional joinery methods.
    • Housed stringers are mortised to receive the treads and risers, then wedged, screwed, and glued to create strong tight fits that remain tight as the humidity levels in your house fluctuate.
    • Open cut stringers are mitered to the risers.
    • Custom returns are put on each tread to match the curvature of the stringer.
    • Stringer build-ups and eased transitions are added to the carriage.
    • The stair balustrade is completely fit and pre-assembled.
    • Balustrade is numbered and disassembled for delivery.
    • Temporary tread protectors are applied prior to delivery.

      Step 3


      • Stairways are loaded and secured in one of our enclosed trailers.
      • Delivery schedule is coordinated with you and the stairway is delivered to your job site by one of our expert installers.
      • Step 4


        • A winch is set up to hoist the stairway into position.
        • Additional site work is done by experienced stairway installers to complete the carriage installation process.
        • The pre-fit carriage balustrade can easily be permanently reassembled by your carpenters.
        • Complete turn key balcony balustrade installation by our expert installers is available.
        • The end result of this comprehensive process is your own unique custom stairway designed just for your home.